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I’ve created this program to help people get in touch with their inner self and find their life’s purpose. In it, you’ll learn how to be sure of all your decision every time and anytime, listen to your inner self once and for all, and choose your soul path instead of your ego path. So get started right away...

I hope you enjoy your Zen Kit!

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Kaz Iso

In this Zen Training Kit, you’ll get:

2-Part Audio Program*

The first audio is instructions on how to do the Zen exercise and second is the Zen guided meditation track, audio transcriptions included


A detailed overview on the benefits of Zen and how to practice Zen, how set up the perfect environment and setting for practicing Zen, how to incorporate the workbook with the program and more


A special, exclusive workbook designed to help you reflect on your mental state before-and-after completing the Zen program

*2-part audio program is digital download only

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